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How to Avoid Getting Sick this Cold & Flu Season

The dreaded cold and flu season is upon us and if you're anything like me and millions of others, you can't afford to get sick! Thanks to Chinese Medicine, I have been able to avoid

many colds over the years, not to say I haven't gotten sick but each time has been a reminder to follow my own advice.

"My favorite part of Chinese Medicine is that we aim to keep people healthy and is considered a preventative medicine. So let's go through the steps you can take to strengthen your immune system and help you get ahead of the curve. Repeat after me: "I WILL NOT GET SICK THIS WINTER!"

1. Wash and moisturize your skin - it is your first defense against pathogens so keep your skin clean by washing it with soap and water. There are germs everywhere, especially public

places so remember to wash your hands throughout the day. Moisturizing it helps keep skin healthy.

2. Don't touch your face - germs you pick up in public will spread more easily from your hands to your respiratory tract. So make a conscious effort to not touch your face.

3. Get plenty of sleep - sleep is one of the top defenses against many ailments and the best way to keep your immune system in tip top shape.

4. Eat nourishing foods - most of your food should be thought of being good fuel for your body. Even if you are eating something that may not be too great for your body, make sure to supplement it with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Broth based soups and stews are easy on your digestive system, cooked whole grains, vegetables, fruits and organic meats are all nourishing.

5. Take a GOOD multivitamin - good multivitamins are food based and are not synthetic vitamins. These are more easily absorbed by the digestive system and the body actually recognizes them, which means they are being put to good use. An example is Raw One Vitamins from Garden of Life, which include a probiotic in them as well.

6. Manage your stress - stress can be detrimental to your immune system. We have all experienced getting sick during or after a very stressful period in our life. So find ways to workout your stress whether it is through a creative outlet, exercise, meditation, talking to a

therapist or helping your contractor friend demolish a wall.

7. Bundle up - yes, I know we live in the land of eternal hell's furnace, but it doesn't mean we don't get cold fronts or have to go through the freezer section at Publix. Getting chilled, even when it is because of a super cold AC, can lower your immune system as well, so remember to carry a sweater in the car for when you are caught having to go somewhere with a low AC.

8. Watch for the first signs of a cold - you know every time you got sick it started with you "just feeling off". Listen to your body and if you are tired for no reason, have a random headache or even just feel like your throat is a little dry, those are the signs that it's time to take it easy. Rest up and drink some warm tea, echinacea tea is especially good for immune defense (just make sure you are not allergic to anything in the daisy family).

9. Miso Soup - miso soup with extra green onions (scallions) is actually a chinese herbal formula to defend against a cold when you have been exposed. So next time you are around a sick person, stop at your favorite Japanese restaurant and pick up a big bowl of miso soup with extra scallions.

10. Get acupuncture and an herbal formula - acupuncture can help boost your immune system by strengthening your Qi, reduce stress and improve insomnia issues. We also have points such as GV 14, also called Great Hammer, that are for expelling pathogens, reducing fevers and clearing cough. We recommend and have formulas like Gan Mao Ling that will give an immediate immune boost.

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