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Holistic, gentle injection therapy to boost the body's natural healing process.

An integrative therapy that blends the best of Chinese medicine with conventional and homeopathic medicine. Dr. Ana Toriello is an AIT (Acupoint Injection Therapy) certified acupuncturist and uses sterile, natural therapeutic substances, such as homeopathic remedies and vitamins like B-12, that are injected into acupuncture points. An additional 60 hours of academic and clinical training beyond an acupuncturist’s traditional education are required to become certified in this technique. It is understandable to be nervous when presented with the idea of injections. But the needles used are very thin and most injections only cause minor discomfort because they are very shallow, placed just under the skin or into the muscle. It is a gentle modality that works with the body to help heal itself.

It is not a full substitute for traditional needle acupuncture, but rather an adjunctive treatment that may be beneficial in attaining healing for the patient and can be used as a stand-alone treatment in some cases. Usually, patients notice a reduction in their pain immediately following one therapy session, but most conditions will require multiple treatment sessions to achieve the desired, optimum healing result.


Acu-Point Injection Therapy involves the injection of sterile solutions into acupuncture points. Usually, we use sterile homeopathic solutions such as Traumeel, Zeel, Hepar Comp, and other types of solutions such as saline and B-12. Benefits of this therapy include stronger stimulation to the acupoint with longer lasting results of up to 48 hours as the solution gets absorbed.

Trigger Point Injection Therapy

This is an option for treating pain in some patients. Sterile solutions are injected into trigger points, traditionally called Ashi Points in Chinese Medicine, to relieve pain. The procedure is used to treat tender or painful points along the channel or the tight band/knot along the muscle causing pain and inflammation.

B-12 Energy Shots

We use Methylcobalamin or Hydroxocobalamin which is the bio-available form of B-12. Benefits of vitamin B-12 injections include treating or preventing symptoms of fatigue, heart problems, neurological damage, mood changes, muscle weakness and hormone imbalances.  Vitamin B-12 is only naturally found in animal proteins, with the highest amounts in red meat.  Vegetarians and vegans usually need to supplement with the vitamin to avoid deficiency. Also, those who suffer from inflammatory bowl disease, usually suffer from B-12 deficiency due to lack of absorption and can greatly benefit for once a month shots. Unless lab tests show a vitamin B deficiency, most people only require once a month  shots.

Biotherapeutic Injections Available:

(Sterile homeopathic solutions composed of natural botanical, biological, and mineral extracts)

  • Traumeel - non-cortisone treatment for musculoskeletal pain and inflammation. A safe alternative to both corticosteroids and NSAIDS. About 3 to 5 treatments to see results.

  • Engystol - Anti-viral homeopathic to help boost the immune system. Great as a prophylactic during cold and flu season. Protocol: 1 injection/week for 3 weeks. Can be added to B-12 Shots.

  • Zeel - used for chronic joint pain, degenerative joint disease, rheumatic joint disease, arthritic bone changes. Protocol: 8 injections in affected area 1 to 2x per week for chronic issues, less if not severe.

  • Lymphomoyosat - used for lymphatic drainage, nonspecific immune define, chronic bronchitis, edema, chronic fatigue. Protocol: 2x/week for 6 weeks for chronic issues, less if not severe

  • Scascupreel - used for muscle spasms and stop pain. Also used to stop spasms of smooth musculature of the gastrointestinal and urogenital track such as in cases of diverticulitis.

  • Placenta Comp - similar to stem cell, used for a wide range of gynecological issues, menstrual cramps and degenerative arthritis

  • Hepar Comp - used in detox of liver and biliary system disorders. Also for when liver enzymes are off and weight loss when there is a sluggish liver, can help kickstart metabolism. Protocol: 1 treatment per week for 4 weeks.

  • Discus Comp - used for degenerative disk disorder and other vertebral disorders such as prolapsed vertebrae and spondylosis.

  • Calmvalera - Treatment of nervous disorders. Nervousness, restlessness, sleep disorders, mild depressive states, mental exhaustion, and adrenal fatigue. Protocol: 1 to 2 treatments per week for 4 weeks. Acute episodes require less treatments. 

Your Initial Consultation is Always Free of Charge. Come in to Talk About Your Specific Case and Discuss Which Course of Treatment is the Righ Fit for Your Goals.

Or, give me a call or text at 954-652-6618 and I will be happy to answer any questions.



Initial Consultation

Half-hour, free of charge session where we go over your case and goals, the treatment process and answer any questions you may have. This is to make certain treatment meets your expectations and that there is a high probability of success for you. I can also give you a better idea of how many treatments you may need.


Detailed Intake & Treatment Plan

At the end of the consultation we will decide if we move forward and schedule your full intake appointment (1.5 to 2 hours). This is when we do a detailed assessment of your symptom pattern, medical history and a short physical exam to determine the root cause, which allows me to create a specific treatment plan for you. After this assessment, you will have your first treatment.


Active Treatment & Symptom Reduction

You will then return for weekly appointments for roughly 2 to 8 weeks to make sure we are getting results as they relate to your medical condition. Once your symptoms have stabilized we move on to the next step. Although rare, if we have not gotten any relief in your symptoms by the fourth or fifth treatment, we will discuss whether to continue moving forward or to recommend other forms of treatment outside my office.


Stabilizing Symptoms & Maintenance

This usually occurs between the 6th and 12th treatment. As long as your symptoms do not creep up between treatments, we can space them farther and farther apart. Initially you will come every other week, then once a month and then whenever you feel you need a tune up or if you have another issue arise in the future. Although, many of my patients wish to continue with ongoing maintenance treatments or for general stress relief.   


Taking Care of Your Friends & Family

Many of my patients are referred to me by past patients who have felt much better after feeling the true healing of acupuncture and who want their loved ones to also benefit from my work. I look forward to helping your friends, family members and coworkers on their journey to a pain-free, more joyful, prosperful life.

I Use a Unique Combination of the Following 100% Natural, Effective Therapies to Help Your Body Heal Itself

(Together we decide which therapies are best suited for you)
acupuncture fort lauderdale

Helps stimulate the nervous system to reduce inflammation and stress, while improving circulation to help your body heal from a wide range of issues. Acupuncture one of the most powerful methods to stimulate your body's healing process

herbalism fort lauderdale

These are all natural formulas tailored for each individual's need that helps strengthen and heal the body. Sort if like added nutrition like a vitamin, the body uses to boost healing. It is a way to help continue treatment outside of your appointment time

cupping fort lauderdale

Think of cupping like a reverse massage that pulls up tense muscles to relax and increase blood flow to the area. It helps pull dead cells and the body's waste to the surface where the lymphatic system can easily clear it out.


Natural, biologically active and sterile solutions are injected into acupuncture points or pain areas to help reduce pain, inlfammation, swelling, toxin accumulation, and help heal the body. Can be used alone or with acupuncture. 

Nutritional Cooking

I can suggest body-mind lifestyle habits that can improve your health and prevent your symptoms from coming back. This can include nutritional guidance, stress coping mechanisms and exercise/stretches.

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