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Fort Lauderdale Five Element

Classical Five Element Acupuncture


The primary type of acupuncture I practice is Classical Five Element Acupuncture.  It is an effective and unique system of acupuncture that treats the person as a whole, at a body, mind and spirit level.  It is based on the five elements of nature: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.


For thousands of years, Chinese physicians observed nature, the seasons and the elements.  They believed that our bodies contained the same elements and follow the similar laws of nature.  Each element corresponds to a certain organ system, element and disease pattern.  The elements work in synergy with one another, creating and controlling one another.  When one gets out of balance, the whole system gets out of balance, leading to physical ailments and emotional distress.  Using the signs and symptoms associated with each element, I am able to figure out which element is in distress and focus the treatments there to bring balance and health. 


One of the unique aspects of Five Element Acupuncture, is its focus on the patient's emotional state.  When focusing solely on a patient's physical symptoms, the ailment is unlikely to go away.  Ana takes into consideration both the physical and emotional components of a person to create a personalized treatment plan.  Finding and treating the emotional trigger will create a deep level of healing.  Also, unlike some other types of acupuncture, there is no set treatment protocol for conditions, but each patient is treated with a unique set of points for their specific needs. 

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